Rigorous Selection

Expectations Exceeded


Hand select by background and professionalism.   We hire all reputable retired and active police and military personnel.

You know that you're getting a person ready to handle any need.

From backgrounds to professional courtesy to the all around desire to take that extra step to make sure the client is completely satisfied. YOU WILL BE PLEASED.

We are a proud member of ISNetworld, which is designed to meet internal and governmental record keeping and compliance requirements.

About Us  -  Welcome to American Pipeline Security LLC

We know you have choices when it comes to your security needs. We know that not every security company is the same. So what do we do to stand out?  From the beginning we decided if we were going to brand ourselves with the American namesake, we would have to have leadership and staff with years of experience in the professional security sector. The owner and his staff have well over 100 YEARS of experience in the field of operations ranging from Army Rangers, Chiefs of Police, Sheriff Captains, State Troopers and Traffic Control. Why did we choose a staff of veterans in the field of service?  It's simple


Our mission is to find security personnel that continue to impress us. Our recruitment program is very specific. If we are satisfied with our candidates we know that you will be a long lasting client.

Tony Interval  -  Executive VP of Operations


Currently I am Captain at The Washington County Sheriff Dept. in PA with over 20 years of law enforcement experience.


I know how important it is to protect your valuable equipment, while giving you a piece of mind atmosphere of knowing that you’re not only protected in the field but also from litigation. In lawsuits as well as criminal defense. Here at A.P.S. i am dedicated to the overall service and consistency of providing the right product to our customers. Our goals are always to exceed the expectations of our clients.


Give us your security problems and we will give you our professional peace of mind promise that we stake our reputation of commitment to provide the best service in the industry.

Lenny Graham  -  Security Executive


Hello my name is Lenny Graham. Allow me to introduce myself, I am an executive over security here at American Pipeline Security LLC.  With my 30 years of working in law enforcement while serving as Chief of Police for my last 18 years of service. I'm a graduate of North Delta Police Academy and also LSU on General Police. I feel my job here at A.P.S. is to give our customers a peace of mind atmosphere. I handle all of your concerns and situations. Placing the right person on the right details I believe it’s of the utmost importance. We pull from a wide network of retired and active police officers as well as military to work along side of our professionally trained staff. I look forward to the opportunity in assisting with any of your security needs.

Sherry L Drabeck  -  Supervisor of Traffic Control


I have over 8 years experience in this Industry, from which I have arrayed from the Heavy Highway 1058 & the Local Steel Workers 14693 Union’s. To Becoming A Certified instructor for the past 3 years for the State of Pennsylvania. I currently hold Certificates for Traffic Control Technician and Traffic Control Supervisor for the State of Pennsylvania. My qualifications also include flagger Instructor through ATTSA which allows me to train in all 50 States.


Here at A.C.G. My position is Supervisor of Traffic Control. My duties include hiring, training, and disciplining The employees. I use all of my training and education to produce within our company the best possible flaggers in the industry. My goal is to reach flawlessness. Being with the owner of A.C.G. for over 5 years, I have successfully managed multiple crews for multiple clients . I pride myself in having and maintaining a great relationship and a good rapport with all clientele.


My endeavors has also lead me to 3 years of working with the well pads for the oil and gas Industry in OH,WV, and PA. Safely monitoring water, logging and heavy equipment on and off the pads along with guard shack duties of traffic control record keeping.

Howard Sampson  -  Security and Escort Consultant


Allow me to introduce my positions here at A.C.G. / A.P.S.

At American Construction Group, LLC. I serve as Safety Supervisor allowing my over 25 years of experience as a State Police over the traffic Dept. along with Crime Investigator to continue assuring public safety along our roadways. My job description is to be hands on with our traffic control personnel patrolling through out the sites to make sure that our job sites and employees are in compliance with all State Rules and Regulations. For the Safety and well being of our clients. I want our customers to be assured of professional services and I strive constantly to assure your in the best of care with this company.


At American Pipeline Security

I am a consultant over security and escorting. I believe that my Bachelors Degree in Criminology along with over 25 years of State Police Traffic and Crime Investigator  has given me the edge over our competitors, in keeping our customers out of litigation while keeping your employees in a safe controlled environment. If allowed I can put my experience to work for you.



Clarence “Bud” Brangard


If you’re looking for Physical Security assets, you’ve come to the right spot. Don’t be discouraged by the name, we entered the security business providing security services for pipeline construction but our abilities are not limited to simply pipeline construction. We are a collection of contractors with an immensely experienced and diverse organization of security professionals.  If you have security needs, whether from Personal Protection, Security Threat Assessments, Static, Roving, Convoy, seeking to implementing security measures within your new construction plans, or simply would like another set of experienced eyes to go over your pre-existing security plan; allow us to provide you with our vastly educated and experienced staff’s services.


 I am Clarence “Bud” Brangard. I have been providing services to the current owner of APS LLC. for over 6 years. As the company’s Project Coordinator/Manager I am eager to bring my 32-year of professionally trained and tested security background to your service. Holding several cherished and esteem positions in the world of security, believe me when I say that you will be hard pressed to find a more disciplined, professional staff then you will find here at APS LLC.


Cutting my teeth for 21 years as a US Army Airborne Ranger, then retiring and moving on to be a Private Security Contractor for our government, where I’ve held multiple positions in high-risk areas.  Broadening my security experience, I have held positions as a member of a Close Protection Team escorting VIP’s in and around the battlefield, Site Security Manager charged with the protections of our Troops from a determined enemy, Project Manager, up to being an Executive Director of Operations and Security for an international company I am extremely excited being part of this motivated and richly experienced staff of professionals.


We are well versed; in regards to the needs for having a highly professional, motivated security staff, what benefits it can bring to any risk prone scenarios, along with friendly disciplined leadership at the clients disposal regarding security concerns. Personally holding executive level positions in the international business world, I fully grasp the ever-present concerns of a business’s need to protecting its budget and minimizing its operational overhead cost. I understand fully the dilemma’s facing management when weighing the cost-verses-loss, or the hesitations when considering the implementation of assets outside of a company’s primary function. Allow us to bring our well-trained staff to help tackle these and other security issues. Working with our current owner for over the last 6 years I can say with complete confidence, he settles for nothing less than upon completing his provided services to our clients they walk away with complete confidence, knowing that they have made the best business choice possible having implemented APS LLC. into their operation or project.

Professional Security Services

Live On-Site Security

Traffic Control


We've seen it all.   Unexpected things happen. When it does, we have professionals that are used to handling a wide range of situations.  With our on site staff, we provide not only security, but respect for the community and property alike.

Allowing flow of only approved vehicles to and from the facility while maintaining good relationships with the local residents and officials. It’s important to do this because in many cases the transport routs are often small and difficult to navigate.

We use local law enforcement who are familiar with the areas and roadways to ensure safe and timely arrive of commercial equipment. The last thing you want to worry about is a delay in production due to equipment not arriving in a satisfactory time.

Robert Wallace: Family Man, Believer, and CEO

Meet Robert:

Robert is not only a successful business owner of over 35 years, he is also a dedicated and loving family man.  While owning and operating  a prominent security agency across the country. Robert and his wife Shelia reside in Winnsboro, Louisiana close to his son Michael daughter in law, Nicole  and his five grandchildren.


At the end of the day peace of mind is key. He asks you to invest in him because he takes pride in EVERYTHING he puts his hands on.



Robert has been very successful in security and his many other companies ranging from farming to automobile repair and rental properties.   He attributes his success to being a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.  He and his family are proud members of River of life Church in Winnsboro, and spend a good bit of time involving himself in ministry locally and missions around the world.    Robert also serves on the board of directors for FRESH START Ministry; a non profit dedicated to reaching those affected by drug and alcohol abuse.

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